Hunting Lease

There may be great value in leasing the hunting rights to your property. Leasing to qualified hunters is a mutually beneficial way to reduce crop damage, eliminate trespassers, and generate income from your land.

MISSOURI LAND AND FARM is here to assist you with determining the value of your property (hunting rights) as well as finding qualified hunters to lease it.  We are lifelong sportsmen with a passion for the outdoors. This gives us the experience you need to broker mutually beneficial agreements between you and hunters wishing to lease property. We field calls each season from hunters asking for quality properties to lease. We are happy to announce that we have answered that call. Our new hunting lease program will be a great way for landowners to enjoy extra income without worry, and hunters to find quality properties to hunt. The program also includes is a $2,000,000 insurance policy protecting all members of the hunting lease and land owners. This insurance is included in the lease price.

To determine the lease value of your property it will be inspected by one of our qualified team members. You may be surprised at the value your land’s hunting rights hold. Once your property is listed and uploaded onto our website it will automatically be emailed to qualified hunters who have signed up for email notifications.

Please contact us to learn more about our Hunting Rights Leasing Program. Even though you might not see your farm as a hunting property, you may be pleasantly surprised at the value it may hold for deer, turkey, upland, or waterfowl hunters in our expert’s network!

If you’re a hunter interested in a quality lease, be sure to sign up for email notifications!