Farm Lease

Agriculture has changed.

The era of setting a flat farmland cash-rent rate
and then renegotiating the deal each fall is over.

Over the last several years we have been asked repeatedly to help lease out farms controlled by absentee landowners, investors, and locals who either needed help locating a tenant or just were not happy with their current tenant. We are happy to announce the new addition of farm leases to our currently offered services. Progressive farm owners are turning to a systemic approach for leasing farmland that not only provides quality tenants, but detailed data allowing the landowner to make the right decisions for his property.

At Missouri Land and Farm, we’ve been involved with  farming in north-central Missouri all our lives. We understand agriculture in this area. We have the experience and the tools to assist you with not only finding quality tenants, but with acquiring the necessary data to help you make the right decisions for your farmland while receiving a market value rental rate. You will have the comfort of knowing your farmland lease is marketed towards your farming and landowner needs.

Landowners: We will market your tillable acreage to our network of farmers similar to the way farm ground is sold. Once your tract is uploaded into our database, it will be available to view along with being automatically sent to all available farmers signed up through our instant update program!

Farmers: Upon signup, an email notification will be sent anytime a new farm is available. This will provide you with up to date knowledge of available ground in your area. Make sure you sign up today.

To learn more about our farmland leasing and data services, please fill out the Information Form. We will be happy to assist you with this process.